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On May 31 the Kingston JA Star newspaper published a two page piece by Andrew Clunis headlined 'Don Drummond-Infinitely magnificent'. There was a photo of Don and of the Skatalites arriving in Jamaica in 1993. Pictured, left to right, Tommy McCook, Devon James, Lloyd Knibb, Lloyd Brevett, Rolando Alphonso, Nathan Breedlove and Cary Brown. Clunis wrote, "Don Drummond deserves more homage than is currently paid to him, He mastered one of the most difficult musical instruments in the world, and with such brilliance that hardly anyone has been able to better his recorded work. The trombone is a large brass instrument with a sliding tube, which gives a brash sound. Don Drummond was able to get a refined sound from the instrument. A sound which has made the Skatalites famous for decades."

Original trumpeter Johnny Moore comments, "Don had the most creative mind, and to date he ranks as the most inventive musician I have ever seen." JBC disc jockey Bunny Goodison is quoted also, "In 1964 Edward Seaga sent Byron Lee to the Worlds Fair to promote ska. Byron Lee didn't know anything about ska! Don Drummond and the Skatalites should have represented Jamaica there.


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