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Caribbean Music Expo
Renaissance Jamaica Grande,Ocho Rios, Jamaica
March 20-24, 2002

Conference Schedule

  Thursday March 21, 2002

10:00am to 11:30am
Tomorrow Came Today: online music promotion and distribution
Can the Internet work for you? Of course it can…CME kicks off its panels with a presentation about web-based technology in the publicity, sales and broadcast of today’s music, from simple web pages to intricate portals with broadcast and e-commerce capabilities.

Moderator: Ms. Judith Newby -, USA
Lead Presenter: Ms. Tomika Anderson -, USA
Resource Persons:
Ms. Kenya Byrd -,USA
Mr. Shaheem Reid -, USA
Ms. Carrie "Quizz" Sigurdson - Co-founder / Creative Director,, Jamaica

 Lunch Break 12:00pm to 2:00pm
Exhibit Hall Opens 12:00pm to 7:00pm

2:00pm to 3:30pm
I Fought The Law: The legal implications of
online music distribution
This panel will search for workable models for and solutions to the technological and legal changes that come with music’s online presence, such as ease-of-access issues vs. rights management.
Moderator: Mr. Ajax Scott - Editor Music Week, England
Lead Presenter: Mr. Dean Garfield - Attorney, Recording
Industry Association of
America (RIAA), USA
Resource Persons:
Ms. Maureen Carter - Moca Creative,USA  
3:45pm to 5:15pm
Surfing to success: The Caribbeatmusic experience

This workshop examines the tech, design, functionality, content and marketing of two music sites— (a regional site) and another based outside the area.

Lead Presenter: Mr. Paul Barendregt - Cap Gemini/Ernst &
Young, Netherlands
Mr. Marcel Robinson - Caribbeat Entertainment Ltd., Ja.
Mr. Stijn Van der Krogt - IICD, Netherlands

 Friday March 22, 2002

10:00am to 11:30am
Family Values: The ethics of marketing and promotion

This discussion explores the ways in which an artist’s deep-rooted personal values and ethics can both complement and conflict with the commercial intent of the music industry.

Moderator: Dr. Hopeton Dunn - CARIMAC, Jamaica
Lead Presenter: Dr. Leahcim Semaj - The Job Bank, Jamaica
Resource Persons:
Mr. Howard Hamilton QC - Public Defender, Jamaica
Mutabaruka - Recording Artiste, Jamaica
Bounty Killa - Recording Artiste, Jamaica 

10:00am to 6:00pm
Pro-Tools Workshop by Audio-One/Gee Jam
A full day workshop covering the basics of digital audio technology and Pro-Tools for the songwriter and music producer.

Facilitators: Gee Jam rep - (to be confirmed)
Audio-One rep - (to be confirmed)

 Lunch Break 12:00pm to 2:00pm
Exhibit Hall Opens 12:00pm to 7:00pm

 2:00pm to 3:30pm
A) Don’t turn off the sound…Do I want to disturb my neighbour?
This panel will look at the role of sound systems in the development of music in Jamaica. Issues such as the Night Noise Law, sound clashes and x-rated adult content in the music will be explored.
Moderator: Mr. Dennis Howard, - Entertainment Consultant, JA
Lead Presenter: Mr. Garth Whyte - Music Historian, Jamaica
Resource Persons:
Mr. Bunny Goodison - Sound System Operator,
Mr. Raphael Dillon - Coxone Downbeat, Jamaica
Mr. Colin Smith - Marketing Consultant, Jamaica

 B) Gospel goes Pop...Pop goes Gospel

This sesson will examine the challenges and obstacles Gospel music faces as it tries to fulfill its mission in a secular market. Questions such as how can distribution channels be used effectively will also be addressed
Moderator: Mr.Tony Young - Broadcaster
Lead Presenter: Mr. Jeff Moseley - M2-O, USA
Resource Persons:
Mr. Luis Fernandez - Word Records, USA
Mr. Danny Browne - Main St. Music, Jamaica
Panel Sponsored by Life Productions

3:45pm to 5:15pm
The Art of Songwriting

2 persons from Music Bridges
Rik Rok - Recording Artiste, Big Yard Records/MCA Jamaica
Ibo Cooper - Recording Artiste, Jamaica  

Saturday March 23,2002

10:00am to 11:30am
Team Players: The roles and responsibilities
of a successful management operation

This panel looks at the various functions of the business manager, personal manager, booking agent, attorney and publicist—and how all contribute to a professional management team.

Moderator: Mr. Matt Johnson - Attorney at Law, Ziffren,
Brittenham, Branca & Fischer,
Lead Presenter: Mr. Wallace Collins - Attorney, Serling Rooks &
Ferrara, USA
Resource Persons:
Mr. Patrick Clifford - BMG, USA
Mr. Ibo Cooper - Recording Artiste, Jamaica
Ms. Mona Scott - President Violator
Management, USA  

Lunch Break 12:00pm to 2:00pm
Exhibit Hall Opens 12:00pm to 7:00pm

2:00pm to 3:30pm
You Have to Fight For Your Rights:
Securing and collecting royalties

What is the contractual and legal basis for songwriting, performance and production royalties? What is the role of collective administration agencies? These questions and others will be asked and answered in this panel discussion.

Mr. Bill Brown - Sony Music Publishing, USA
Lead Presenter:
Mr. Kendall Minter - Counsel, Golden &Associates,P.C. 
(Atlanta, GA). Rudolph & Beer, LLPNYC),USA

Resource Persons:
Mr. Andrew Sanders - ASCAP, USA
Mr. Frank Liwall - Founder and President, The Royalty Network Inc., USA

3:45pm to 5:15pm
So Right, So Now: Matching the
right music with the right buyer

Which songs should I record? How can I create an “image”—how should I present myself and my music? Who and where is my audience? How can the media help me? How will my music be distributed? This discussion will focus on artist development and marketing from the ground up.


Lead Presenter:
Mr. James Andrews - President, Rainmaker Media Group, USA

Resource Persons:
Ms. Vivian Scott Chew - Time Zone International, USA
Mr. Robert Livingstone - C.E.O, Big Yard Records
Mr. Ken Ortiz - Sony Music, USA
Ms. Tina Simpkin -Marketing Director MCA Records USA,



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