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Joe Hill's contribution
published: Saturday | August 26, 2006

Mai'khi C'Nia

Now it came to pass that no sooner hath Jamdown laid Miss Lou the cultural guru to rest when the people received alarming word from Deutschland where another giant of Jamdown's cultural landscape hath departed this creation. And many Jamdowners began to reflect on Brother Joe Hill's contribution to the people's music and his acclaim among men.

Dearly beloved Jamdown experienced its halcyon days of arts and culture in the decade of the 1970s, an era when the people immersed themselves into their roots with unbound pride and vibrant expressions, and the rest of creation had but to take notice of the waves created by this little dynamo from Caribbean climes.


Yea, those were the days when Jamdown excited humanity in diverse spheres, brazenly challenging creation to introspection through champions like Tosh, the stepping razor who pioneered artistic vigilance of Southern Africa's racist and bigoted regimes by stridently chastising the apartheid system of governance in musical commentary, and Emmanuel the son of a Brown, who was a supreme lyricist and a vocalist of awe-inspiring prestige.

Verily, such as these art contemporaries of the lately departed Brother Joe, and his work is juxtaposed to their accomplishments and is reckoned thereto. For they all art fashioned from the same durable fabric of Jamdown precociousness and were driven by a concurring sense of justice and self-worth determined by the striving of their people.

Hear O, Jamdown, for of the others of thy great and wise that remain quick let there be no further ostracizing. Know ye that a medal of honour from the premiere in an October commemoration is a worthwhile and acceptable thing but much more is outstanding.

For the likes of Jimmy Cliff, Burning Spear, John Holt, Leonie Forbes, Bunny Goodison and a host of other creatures of the Jamdown expression art still yielding their measure unto creation, and thou, O land, must discover the ingenuity to harness their prowess and instruct it unto thy future generations through multimedia preservation attained directly from them, and thou must make haste and let it be before they too venture off and join our dearly beloved Brother Joe and stellar company on the other side. Selah.


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