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Kingston Sessions

Additional Thanks & Acknowledgements to:

Mike Lederman & ALA Casting, Akilah "Woman Dread", Rob Rosensweig, Randolf Turner & The Monkey Train Band, Mike Hart & The Decoy Band, Roland Fleming, Gabe of St. Augustine, Friends & Staff at The Mayfair Hotel in Kingston, Gussie Clarke & Anchor Crew, John Clark, Kathy Owen, Dina Welz, Mitch & Carey Abrams, The Cloober Gang, Mike Cloutsis, Elliot Stumacher, James Whitfield, Winston Irie, George at Fastlane Intl., Victor Palmer, Carey & Lauren Bernstein, Bunny Goodison, Neville Willouby, Larry & Stephen Moelis, Mark Rugerri, Rob Cafaro. Jeff "Bubba" Baum & Aspen Highlands Mtn. Crew, Sam Bock , Anna Watkins, The Jamaican Bobsleigh Federation, Starfari & friends in St. Lucia, Milton Wray and all our friends in Reggae Ambassadors Worldwide.

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