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Vaughn "Bunny" Goodison was born in Jamaica on January 1, 1941 to Doris and Marcus Goodison. He is one of nine siblings, among them international award winning writers Barbara Gloudon and Lorna Goodison. He is a father of five children - Norman, Sean, Althea, Aisha and Trudi. He also has a granddaughter named Gabriella.

Goodison is a disc jockey, musicologist, sound engineer, former soccer player, philanthropist, humanitarian and tireless charity worker. He has accomplished a lot in life and helped many in the process. He has drawn upon the Goodison family credo of family excellence and helping the downtrodden and the poor.

A brilliant man with an exceptional sense of humor, Goodison came from humble beginnings and turned it into a life of acclaim and philanthropy. 



Like many Caribbean, European and South American youths, Vaughn grew up watching soccer. As a child, his favorite soccer player was Bobby Charlton. He also admired Sandy Matthews as, "A genius of an outside right for England. I always remember on my birthday in my teen years my sister Barbara gave me a bio of Matthews" and in it she inscribed “Go forth and do like wise.” Goodison became a soccer prodigy.

 Goodison began playing for the Jamaican National Football Team (soccer) in 1960, when he was picked by Jamaica as one of the "Award 11" - 11 soccer players chosen to represent Jamaica internationally. He was one of the youngest players to ever do so at the time. It was not common for people of his age to make the National Team.

Many marveled at his footwork and refer to him as one of, if not the best, to ever play for Jamaica. He played for Jamaica in countries like Costa Rica, Mexico, Antilles, Belize and Cuba.

Goodison scored many goals throughout his well documented football career.

 Back in the sixties, internationally football was not the huge commercial sport it is today where players earn $50,000 a week and up. Many who played then simply played for the love of the game and modest wages. They played for the love of the sport - known as the beautiful game - and that it is.   

He later met one of his favorite soccer players, Pele, during the soccer legend's tour of Jamaica. Vaughn was the Puma PR rep responsible for him during his two week stay that Goodison, a supporter of Pele, remembers that time with respect and admiration. 

After the 1970 world cup, Pele and Santos (team) came to Jamaica. Vaughn was the Sales and Marketing Director for Puma in Jamaica and remembers working with Pele as a great experience and being, “Extremely overawed in his presence, thinking that here was the greatest player ever. I was now in a position where we could shake hands and speak on a personal and business level." Vaughn was also invited by Puma headquarters to tour the factory in Germany.

Vaughn also coached the St George’s Manning Cup team for two years. He also played cricket for his alma mater St. George's. Two of his most prized possessions is a game bat from Sir Clive Lloyd and wrist band from Sir. Vivian Richards.



Goodison's fascination with music started in his teens when he began record collecting. Today, his record collection has grown to include thousands of records, many rare and in limited release.

He became one of Jamaica's most famous DJs and with his vast knowledge of international music, one of the most sought after musicologists in the world, featured in numerous television shows, newspapers, books and DVDs. His music expertise has also been used to settle international legal cases featuring copyright infringement disputes.   

His shows became so popular due to the combination of cutting edge and rare vintage records he would feature, that they were attended by reggae legends such as Bob Marley, who became a friend.


Interview CV

Bunny is a very witty, affable, well read man. He has interviewed many entertainers over the last 40 years and is the owner of many rare interviews with artists such as Bunny Wailer, Dionne Warwick, Delfeayo Marsalis, Clement Dodd, Buju Banton, Roland Alfonso, Tommy McCook, The Skatalites, Toots and the Maytals and many more.

Bunny has done many interviews for international publications, television shows, commercial home videos and DVDs, lending his expertise on the history of music and sports. He has also been very active in Jamaican politics. Goodison is truly a renaissance man.



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